What is Reiki?


Reiki is an ancient healing art, rediscovered in the early 20th century in Japan, by a Christian Monk, Master Mikao Usui. Reiki is the Universal life – healing energy. Reiki practitioners don’t heal, when they are initiated to Reiki correctly, they become channels for this Universal Life Healing Energy, which flows into their head and out through their hands. This way a treatment can take place, the practitioner puts his hands gently on the client’s body and lets the energy flow.

By giving Reiki we make direct contact with the godly spark within.

Reiki is not bound by a religion and is not in conflict with any religion, meditation technique or initiation, they are actually enriched by it.


Why consider a treatment or initiation?


It is a beautiful gift you can give yourself. Reiki works on so many different ways on your complete body. The emotional, the physical, the mental and the spiritual it all gets touched by Reiki. Which will help you to take a step back in life and observe, or should we say a step forward? It will help you to listen to your body and to become more in line, piece by piece, with the real you.
If you feel ready to experience a treatment or if you want to be able to treat yourself with this beautiful life changing energy, it’s possible. Everybody can become a Reiki channel and everybody can receive a Reiki treatment. By becoming a channel and following the initiations you allow yourself to re-connect with your true self and through these initiations a person’s vibrational energy is being raised together with their consciousness.
Reiki energy is safe for children, pregnant women, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly and it works effectively alongside conventional healthcare. You can also use it for all living organisms and living beings, including plants and animals.


What does it do?

Stimulates self healing

Reinforces the body and spirit


Eliminates blockages

Harmonizes the chakras

Restores inner balance – body and spirit

Gives spiritual growth


Reiki Treatment


A Reiki treatment takes about 1 hour, while you are lying on a massage table, fully clothed.

The practitioner will gently place his/her hands on your body and move to different places alongside your body, holding still at each spot for a few minutes. The positions are never personally invasive and practitioners are always respectful of one’s dignity and privacy.

Reiki Initiation


When you are initiated to Reiki, you become a channel of this Godly Energy and you can treat yourself, others, animals, plants,…

Esoteric knowledge is added to the Reiki in this line so you can really understand your life path and the reasons of your life experiences, the meaning of your ailments, etc. and you can participate in changing them.

If you were already initiated in Reiki by another Reiki Master, it is also possible to join this course to receive the esoteric knowledge. If you were then correctly initiated to Reiki, you only pay 50% of the price of the course.

When you decide to become initiated in Reiki 1st Degree, we will organize a weekend. These initiations take place during 2 following days, 7-8h/day. Whereafter you have become a channel of this universal healing energy and can take a bigger step toward self-healing.

There are 3 Degrees possible in Reiki, for more information about 2nd and 3rd degree (Reiki Master Teaching or non-teaching) please contact us.