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Essenian Healings

with healing stones

These Healing Methods are also possible for Children from a certain age, contact us for more info.

Essenian Healings are very powerful energy healing techniques that were practiced in Ancient Egypt and later by the Essenes, like Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Essene means Healer. These high energy techniques have now been put back on Earth in the time of transformation and big shift in consciousness from the 3rd dimensional energy to the 5th dimensional energy, for all people wanting to participate in their own healing path. 

The Essenes knew the power of stones and how to clean them, charge them up and use them for healings. They knew how to create geometric energy fields, how to use toning (voice sounds) and the power of the mind to heal.

The holy Essenian Healing Methods are not a religion.

They come from the highest Energy Source, which we call Mother/Father God and which we are all part of.  Those healings practiced with the Energies have an effect on the S.O.E.F. – the energy field in and around our body, where all physical and mental functions are programmed.   

Essenian Healings, Essenian Healing Journeys and Pleiadian Healings offer healing path tailored individually, to each client’s karma – that is what we have chosen for ourselves to learn and experience during this life, to put back in balance wrong choices we made in other lives. The effectiveness varies from person to person and is based on our karma, self-reflection and the willingness to make changes.

Every healing for a person needs to be channeled with the Essenian Guide of the healer first, then checked by Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder with their Guides, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The Essenian Guides know exactly what can be healed for a person and what healing is needed at that moment, according to their karmic path. It teaches us that no human being can really know nor decide wheter something can be healed or not. There are cases where more than one healing is indicated. This is not mandatory. 

If you would like to consciously work on yourself and receive a healing, please contact us. We'll schedule a phone appointment and then with your approval we will ask the Guides which healing(s) is (are) advised for you at the moment. Then only we'll be able to take an appointment for a healing, if you still wish to.

If you want to learn these healings to offer them to others, you can join an Essenian Healing Level 1 Workshop (contact us)


Level 1

Level 1 Healings

Water Healing




Consists of raising the ionized calcium in the body and thereby releasing pain from the bones and joints

Mental Healing



With this healing, mental instabilities such as stress, sleeping problems etc. may be healed.

Organ and Soft Tissue Pain Healing

With this healing all kinds of pain, but especially that derived from organs in specific places, and soft tissues such as connective tissue, pains may be healed.

Level 2

Level 2 Healings

Moon Water Healing

This wonderful healing sorts out endocrine disorders. Part of the genome will be repaired, this concerns a part with information of a chromosome.

Vutekan Pain Healing

Is an advanced pain healing reduction, it can remove any sort of pain.

Disharmony Healing

This healing is for people that are not in harmony with themselves, their surroundings or even the world.

Level 3 - Master

Level 3 Essenian Master Healings

Advanced Chakra Healing

Again the S.O.E.F is addressed and through Stone laying, toning and sweeping the Chakras will be brought in total balance.

Removing Negative Energy

Through laying the Stones in a Holy Geometric Pattern, negative Energy will be removed thereby addiction may be healed.

Quantum Healing

This beautiful healing is ment for people with M.E. chronic fatigue (not depression). Through a special pattern of the Stones the S.O.E.F is addressed and therefore heals what may be healed.

Light Body Healing

Through the activation, pattern of the stones and the very high vibration of the Tetrahedra of the Light Body, diseases may be healed.

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