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In French, in English or in Spanish:

Amandine Dumont

(+57) 32 03 12 34 06

In Dutch, in English or in Spanish:

Wim Van Herck

(+57) 32 03 11 82 87

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Feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

We do the healings and initiations in La Dorada, Caldas, Colombia.

For Reiki Initiations, Essenian Healings level 1 & 2 and Pleiadian Healings in Belgium, please contact:

Sabine d’Ursel – Reiki Master Teaching, Essenian Master non-Teaching, Energetic Leader of Pleiadian Healing Circle Belgium.

Tel: +32 (0)498/31.28.87
E-mail :


For other countries:

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