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I always loved wood, but by working in factories I started to dislike it. I lost something I liked because of the way I needed to work with it. After quitting the rat-race from society and starting my spiritual path I found a way back to creating something with wood in a loving way, these Wooden Mandalas.

These mandalas consist of Sacred Geometry and that’s why they are so powerful to have at your place. It creates a certain vibration, my advice would be to chose one from the heart and let it guide you. Once you receive your Mandala you get the channeled information about the meaning of the one you have chosen.

Tree of Life - Models

The Dimensions of these Art Pieces are 60 cm, The price for this one would be 325€/piece.


you receive a beautiful Mandala that is finished of with a nice coating. You will also receive the channeled information about the meaning of this specific Mandala you have Chosen.

I build them up from scratch with my very own hands and it is a beautiful proces to work with the Sacred Geometry to Create these Art Pieces.

The Defining of the material will be Pine Wood, Beech or Oak, depending on what I find and the wood will be around 15 -18 mm thick.

Other Designs

If you're interested, please contact me to see what is possible.

If you bumped on this page and are also interested in Energetic Work, please look on our website in the followng categories;


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-Pleiadian Healings

-Animal Communication

Building and Prices
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