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Pleiadian Healings are ancient Energy Healing practices of very High Level and have now been put back on Earth – just like the Essenian Healing Methods, for a broad range of different ailments and problems. They can be considered as an addition to the conventional medicine practice.

Pleiadian Healings are facilitated in a Pleiadian Healing Circle, to which the Dolphins and the Pleiadians also belong. 

The Pleiadian Energies exist on the Pleiades, a 5th dimension star cluster. The energy sent to Earth by the Pleiadians Healing Masters has a very high resonance. Therefore, a group of people is needed, with high level resonance, to be able to hold the energy in its place. Throughout the session the Leader of the Circle, in our case Amandine/Wim, is in energetic contact with the Dolphins, which are in contact with the Pleiadians.

It was asked by Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ complementary soul, to place the Pleiadian Healing Circle back on Earth again. The first Pleiadian Healing Circle was set up and led by Lisa Lux in Mallorca. Since then Lisa trained people to set up Pleiadian Healing Circles in other countries. The leaders of those circles have all been trained by her in the exact same way as given by the Godly Energies, after it has been said it was possible by Jesus and Mary Madgalene by the mean of channeling. The PH Circles are now in: France, Mallorca, Mexico, Canada, Gambia, Portugal, Holland, Germany, in the UK, Belgium and the one we started now in Colombia after having started a PH circle in Belgium and Spain as well.

The Pleiadian Healing Circle consists of 4 to 8 people and it meets approx. once a month. The healing takes place on a healing bed, the person lies on their back, fully clothed. Members of the Circle gather around the healing bed holding their hands together. Through a stone laying, toning, visualization and breathing techniques, a pillar of light is created and the Pleiadians can perform the healing. This means that no human being is performing the healing: all of us are only channels of the Universal Energy! The resonance of the group is highly tuned-up, so that our bodies are safe. The leader of the Circle (Amandine in our case) takes contact with the Dolphins, which are in contact with the Pleiadians. The start-stop person (Wim in our case) sees, feels or knows when the energy is high enough to start and when the therapy has ended. That takes approx. 10 – 45 seconds of our Earthly time – the time on the 5th Dimensional level feels much faster. After that, the after-care takes place, when the whole circle gently lays their REIKI hands on or above the person on the bed. Often, the clients, because of “the high energy experience”, need to lie down for about 15/30 minutes. Feeling disorientated and emotional are common experiences.

It is possible to receive a healing as a client or to become a member of the Pleiadian Healing Circle. The trainings and healings are free of charge for the members; each member can receive a healing each time. It always needs to be channeled if it is possible for a person to be part of the Pleiadian Healing Circle and it also always needs to be channeled beforehand if a specific healing is possible for a person, depending on their Karma path.

Not every illness or problem may be healed. Sometimes this is part of the individual chosen karma path and purification – we know that from the energetic communication (channelling). Before every healing session Jesus or Mary Magdalene communicate energetically to Lisa whether or not this particular illness (problem) may be healed for this person and whether through a Pleiadian Healing or the Essenian Healing methods. Our circle doesn’t operate for mortal diseases.


The only circle active on the level of all diseases, including mortal diseases, is the one led by Lisa Lux in Dordogne, France:

On their website you can also read how the first Pleiadian Healing Circle has been put back on Earth as well as some testimonies.


Jani Tapani Kinnunen's Testimony, PH Circle Spain 2022-2023

"I am grateful that I have been able to participate in the PH circle many times and what a journey it has been on the road of self-improvement and compassion on my own spiritual journey towards a new era for humans. For me, it has been a tool to remove my own obstacles on the way to my true self. I recommend the PH circle to everyone who wants to progress on the journey of self-improvement. Love. Jani Tapani Kinnunen"



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