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Essenian Healing Journeys


Essenian Healing Journeys are metaphysical healing methods they are specifically meant to wash out those physical and psychological patterns locked inside the body cells that make the body ill.

The essential parts of these Journeys are the stone-layings in fixed geometrical patterns, special wishes of healing that one can place on the golden button and meeting the journey guide. All this is only to be experienced with an Essenian Healing Journey (Assistant) Healer or Master, trained by Lisa Lux.

These Essenian Healing Journeys have all been written as a fairytale. According to Mary Magdalene, this is the best way to address and heal the inner child.  


WHilst sitting on a chair you actively participate in this Journey. In a safe, guided environnement you connect yourself with pain locked up in the body cells. Through this, the emotional, psycological and physical pain can be let go of, so that when the body cells renew, this information will have been erased.


These Journeys can be part of your indicated healing Route. These could be interdisciplinary between Essenian Healings, Reiki, and/or Pleiadian Healings.

We offer These Healing Journeys for:


For children with sleeping problems, all sorts of fear, separation problems and for children that are not well grounded.

(Young) Adults

Against all kinds of fear and problems that seem to exist without any reason in this life, but surely have a deeper cause.

Ego Problems

Stabilizes the most dominant Ego problem that affects your life in a (very) negative way.

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