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This Summer 2022 in Cataluña:

*17 July 2022, 15.30pm: Free Talk: Healing Techniques from the Essenian Era in modern times + 5min free Reiki, in Barcelona ; ENGLISH

Everyone is warmly welcome to this Free Talk, we will be in Barcelona and no previous knowledge is needed! We will among others talk about:

🔎 What is going on energetically on Earth in these times (#transformation #5D)?

🔎 What is the power of our thoughts (#PoweroftheMind #transformnegativethoughts)?

🔎 Who were the Essenes and how did they perform healing? ( #DeadSeaScrolls #MysterySchool #Enoch #Stones #Herbs #Jesus #MariaMagdalena #Esoteric)

🔎 What are the power of Stones? (#Cristals #Minerals)

🔎 What are the 5th dimensional Healings? How can they help us physically, mentaly, emotionaly and spiritualy? Can you receive them or learn them?

🔎 What about Reiki? (#increaseyourenergy)

At the end of the talk, after a time of questions/answers, everybody who wishes to can also receive free 5min Reiki.

*6&7 August 2022: Reiki Initiation 1st Degree with Esoteric Knowledge, in Barcelona ; SPANISH / ENGLISH

*21 August 2022 18pm: Life-Changing Coaching Group Webinar: Low Self-Esteem in French (online; more dates on request) 

*Start end August: Life Energy Movements ; in El Pla de Manlleu ; 4 lessons ; SPANISH / ENGLISH

*5&6 September 2022: Reiki 2nd Degree with Esoteric Knowledge, in El Pla de Manlleu ; ENGLISH/(SPANISH?)

*10&11 October 2022: Workshop Essenian Healings Level 1 ; in El Pla de Manlleu; ENGLISH

For more dates in English, French, Dutch or Spanish...

or if you would like host a talk or a Reiki Initiation at your place... 

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