Reiki for animals

Animals are very sensitive to energy and can receive Reiki, which is only positive energy.

What it can do for them:

  • Increasing livelihood

  • Recovery from physical injuries or stress

  • Help with behavioral, mental or emotional issues

  • Help with birth

  • Support the newborns

  • Improve the quality of life for older animals

  • Offer them a peaceful transition if they are ready to pass over.

Reiki can be used at animal rescue centers, sanctuaries, stables, racing yards, veterinary care, in the street, etc.

It can be given at your place or from a distance.

If you wish to offer a Reiki Treatment to your animal, please contact us.


Animal communication

Amandine is training animal communication. She can check the results of her communications with animals through channeling with her guide, which is afterwards checked by Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder.

By establishing a direct communication with your animal, it is possible to ask them questions or transfer them messages. It is for example possible to ask them:

  • why they have a certain behavior;

  • could they please not pee inside;

  • if they have some pains;

  • what you could do to improve their daily life;

  • what they think their role is with you;

  • if they wish euthanasia;

  • let them know you go on holidays but will be back, which can avoid a lot of stress;
  • etc.

Please note that an animal communication doesn't replace a visit to the vet, but it can help for a diagnostic. The animal is also always free to decide whether to do what you asked or not if for example you asked to please not pee inside, although a communication can help to come to an understanding.

Animal communication is possible on a distance with a recent picture of the animal. If possible, the animal should be complete and alone on the picture, eyes visible. 

If you would like to ask a question to your animal or give him/her a message, please contact us.

Also, don’t hesitate to talk yourself to your pet; messages of love are always received.