To adapt to the living conditions of the country, Spanish people receive -10% on the following prices. Belgian, Dutch, French expatriates etc. living in Spain receive -5%.



  • Reiki Usui Initiation 1st degree with esoteric knowledge (2 days, 7-8h/day) = 125€

  • Reiki Usui Initiation 2nd degree with esoteric knowledge (2 days, 7-8h/day) = 250€

  • Reiki Usui Initiation Master (teaching or non-teaching) degree = on request 

  • Reiki Treatment with 1 practitioner (1h) = 35 €

  • Reiki Treatment with 2 practitioners (45 min) = 50 €

  • Reiki on a distance (15 min) = 17.5 €

  • Reiki for animals (20 min max ) = 17 €

  • Reiki for animals on a distance (8 min max) = 7,5 €


Essenian Healing Methods

  • Essenian Healing Level 1 = 75€ max

  • Essenian Healing Level 2 = 110€ max

  • Essenian Healing Level 3 = 150€ max

  • Essenian Healing Adult Journey = 90€ (-15%)

  • Essenian Healing Ego Journey = 95€ (-15%)

  • Essenian Healing Children Journey = 90€ (-15%)

        Animal Communication

  • Animal Communication without verification = 5 €

  • Animal Communication with verification through channeling = 12,5 € / question checked


  • Transportation fees if needed = 0,25€/km

One of the many reasons why it is important to pay for your own healing or initiation is to not become dependent of the healer or both will receive Karma. People need to realize that they need to be ready to leave some material aside for their own healing. In this way, they can really engage in their own healing path. Therefore, even if a healing would be given as a gift, a certain amount of the price would always need to be paid by the person coming for a healing.


On the other hands, if you have any financial difficulties and would like a healing, please let us know; a price reduction and some amount of exchange might be possible.


We hope you understand that healings, initiations and communications takes a lot of our time and energy and we also need to look out for our basic needs (food, a place to live, a place to do the healings, etc.).


Therefore, prices need to be fair for both sides: for you and us.