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Energetic School
of the
Clear Quartz


Your healing path
About us

To start the path of self healing is to free yourself from all unnecessary things.


Allow yourself to be guided towards healing. Healing of the Godspark within so that you can see your life unfold right before your eyes.


It’s a true and honest way to become master of your own life, learning again to love and accept yourself.


Allow yourself to be guided towards new challenges and steps upon this beautiful chosen path

Get back the trust in yourself and start living. 

These Healings will help you to get rid of all the unnecessary baggage you have been dragging along.


Our aim is to help you to start walking or to walk further on your path of self-development, healing and/or spirituality, 

thanks to high energetic healings and initiations providing you with tools and mechanisms to cope with change and move forward in life consciously.

We propose Reiki treatments and initiations,

and Essenian Healings Methods which are:

If at some point in life we experience physical, emotional, mental problems or challenging situations, these methods can bring about healing, as an addition to the conventional medicine practice.


The Essenian Healing Methods are only about healings for people and have nothing to do with any religion or cult. They have been put back on Earth in the time of transformation and big shift in consciousness from the 3rd dimensional energy to the 5th dimensional energy, for all people willing to participate in their own healing path. 

They are the only 5th dimensional healings on Earth alongside the Pleiadian Healings.

This shift into the 5th Dimensional energy has already happened now.

Scientists talk about the increase in the Earth's Schumann Resonance, also known as the "heartbeat" of the Earth.

This makes everything that we live through more intense, the positive but also the negative. Everything we do, think and act upon has a much quicker response into the field. So it gives us an opportunity, now more than ever, to consciously work on our negative patterns to transform them, so that we don't keep on creating ourselves the same problems or encountering the same mistakes over and over again.

Instead we shift to the positive more and more, creating more harmony for ourselves and thus for people around us and our precious Mother Earth.

These healings, initiations and coaching are there for you to help you in that direction.

profil amandine 2.jpg

Amandine Dumont


Reiki Master Teaching;

Essenian Master Teaching Level 2;

Essenian Herb Healer Level 2;

Essenian Healing Journey Healer Level 2;

Essenian Life Changing Coaching - Master Level;

Essenian Arts of Life Energy Movements - Teaching Level 2;

Energetic Leader Pleiadian Healing Circle Colombia;

“Through various experiences in different areas, from bio-engineering studies to ecological farming and teaching, from travelling to settling down, I was always looking for something different. I wondered what I really wanted in life, who I really was and what was my mission. Eventually, I was led to Lisa Lux thanks to synchronicities and was invited to become a Teaching Essenian Master and Teaching Reiki Master. My heart told me straight away this was the path I had been waiting for all this time. This is how, with the help of Lisa’s teachings, the channelings, Reiki and Essenian healings, I started to work hard on my own negative patterns to become closer and closer to my true-self and become able to offer quality healings and initiations. One of my big learnings was “you can’t give to others what you don’t give to yourself. This is a big illusion!”


Wim Van Herck


Reiki Master Teaching;

Essenian Master Teaching Level 2;

Essenian Herb Healer Level 2;

Essenian Healing Journey Healer Level 2

Essenian Life Changing Coaching - Master Level

Essenian Arts of Life Energy Movements - Teaching Level 2;

Energetic Leader Pleiadian Healing Circle Colombia

“I was working and saving money to buy a house in the future, living my life like most of the people do when at some point this turned against me, later I noticed this was in my favor. I was getting really unhappy and this gave me the strength to change my life. I started travelling to free my narrow vision of the world and all the ‘false’ obligations. After this travel I felt I was more open, my heart was open, and without really noticing it, I started my spiritual path. Upon searching for something new to help me lead a more ‘meaningful’ life I was led to Reiki and eventually to Lisa Lux for a life changing education. To become a Reiki Master and an Essenian Master. I think my biggest lesson was, “you can not depend on love of others if you can’t even give this to yourself”.”


"On a younger age, we got in contact with each other, spent some time together and finally drifted apart, not knowing this was time to develop on a personal level and eventually to meet again. After 6 years of separation and going with life like it comes, our paths crossed again and it took us not long to realize we were actually walking a similar path. Our Guides did a great job, preparing us when we were not together. Very quick it became clear to us we have a job to do together. By the education we started with Lisa Lux, we now have the right tools and learnings to pursue this path together and create our own healing school." 


UPDATE: After having performed this energy work in France, then Belgium for 2 years and Spain for 2 years, our karmic path lead us to the Cordillera de los Andes in Colombia in 2023, where our School is now active for any one looking for assistance on their own healing path... or anyone who is willing to assist others through high energy healings.

Welcome to the Energetic School of the Clear Quartz

Coincidences do not exist!

Welcome to our website, enjoy your visit!


It is never too late to start walking this magnificent path. It is never too late to choose for yourself, to heal your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual wounds. This is a big beautiful step you can take for yourself, your soul, Mother Earth, and all other living beings as well. We should be aware that we can’t really help others if we don’t take care of ourselves first. 



We are deeply grateful to Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder, two complementary souls who came to Earth with a godly task. Lisa Lux, a clear-knowing spiritual teacher, and Henk Mulder, clairvoyant on a high level, were, among other divine tasks, asked to put ancient human healings techniques, the Essenian Healings, back on Earth. They received all the knowledge by the Godly Energies: Jesus and Mary Magdalene and train those who have chosen to walk the path of an Essenian Master, those who are becoming Doctors of the 5th Dimensional Energy.

We thank Lisa, our beloved Essenian and Reiki Master, for all her teachings, for helping us to move forwards, see our negative patterns and work on them, for her support, her love and dedication towards her students. We thank Henk for performing all the channelings with Mother/Father God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Master Mikao Usui, together with Lisa. If you want to know more about them and their work, you can visit their website:

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